About Symboc Designs

Welcome to Symboc Designs

Symboc Designs has been around the block a few times and have developed the knowledge, skills, business relationships and acumen that make Symboc Designs the turn-key solution for your online marketing design needs.

Symboc Designs?

Symboc Designs is  a Florida-based online marketing design and development company with professional relationships all over the World.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer easily accessible World-Class design and development services at a reasonable cost; doing this in a trustworthy and timely fashion.

What We Do

We do anything you can put a logo on.  From websites to product packaging; from long-term branding campaigns to trade show displays; we can do it all.

Would you like to start a project with Symboc Designs?

It doesn't cost anything to talk. Indeed, you may be able to save money and get a stunning design if you just talk to us before you make a decision.

Why choose Symboc Designs

Symboc Designs is known for our stunning world class designs. Each of our designs is a compelling visual tour d’ force that is unmatched in form, function and economy. You will hear us say again and again. “Just look at our work”. If you like what you see then recognize that we can and will do the same quality of work for you. You will become convinced that we do, indeed, have the best designs in Florida, perhaps, in the world.

We can design anything you want. In addition to our own skilled designers, we have business relations all over the world that include a body of world-class professionals, programmers and developers. If you see a function or application on the web that you want, we can do it. May it be WordPress, .NET or PHP development, mobile, OS or device sensitive applications; we can deliver them to you on time and on budget. There are no limits to the type and function of our online marketing design. We can bring your dreams to reality. Let’s start today — call us or send us a web message today.

Price is often the first concern but be it known that with Symboc Designs you can have the best website designs for less. We can do this because, in addition to being great designers, we are good managers and we aren’t greedy. Understand that building a website is always a custom job, so the website design packages cannot be forced into a price table. Contact us today for a quote.

Static HTML is as passé as fixed-sized non-responsive layouts.  It takes dynamic, data-driven web applications to engage today’s consumer.  The team at Symboc Designs will bring your dreams to fruition using the latest of modern database technology.  E-Commerce, e-Learning and any other user driven membership sites are Symboc’s specialty. 

In 2018 mobile traffic accounted for more than 60% of all internet activity. We are indeed now in a post-PC era so don’t even dream of overlooking device compatibility. PC’s and other desktops still account for a significant portion of internet activity so responsive design is the solution. This is a design which adapts to the device it is playing on. Resize your browser and see.

History of Symboc Designs

In 1998 Michael Worley was working in the 2-person marketing department of an incredibly high-tech start up that was the first to create a satellite surveillance system used to monitor offenders released in the community.  Here Michael wrote and illustrated proposals to governmental entities.  The company needed a website and guess who they looked to?  That was the beginning of an illustrious design career.

In 2006 Michael founded Symboc Designs and put together a online marketing design and development team beyond comparison.  They specialized in healthcare marketing materials, e-commerce websites and online training.  As the years passed Symboc Designs developed relations with free-lancers, artists and programmers which created a rich diversity of services offered.

More recently Symboc has developed relationships in South America and Asia that have elevated the company to international standing. Now we can offer multi-language products.   Realize your dreams, try Symboc Designs now.

The Symboc Designs 6-D process



Each online marketing design presents its own challenges and we are continually discovering new solutions which give us a huge reserve of solutions Symboc Designs can use in your project and the next project.



We meet with you either via video conference or in person to define the scope of work as you see it.  Here we negotiate deliverables, costs and terms.  This is your chance to communicate your dream.



The design of a project is how it will look.  This is the time of PhotoShop web design workflows to get the design just right.  Within reason you can have repeated designs till it’s jut the way you want it.



Development is how the project functions.  For websites it is coding content to HTML, CSS and PHP.  For packaging, it is the selection and combination of materials to create the physical object envisioned  in the design stage.



Symboc Designs then deploys your project in the appropriate media for final review.  Here you see the actual product as it will be in form and  function.  If you approve it we move on to the final stage, delivery.



Here we deliver your project on time and on budget, just as conceived in the definition stage.  Symboc always under promises and over delivers. You can be sure we meet or exceed your expectations.