Original Art by Mike Worley

As a teenager Mike Worley loved art class in highschool and spent countless hours doodling, sketching and painting. His goal was to study art in college and become a painter. Unfortunately. when he was 17 and working on a painting in the garage, that all changed. He told his mother he wanted to go to art school and his mother said, "you are good but not good enough to make a living at it". That was that. He didn't paint again until he was 70.

Today, he splits his time between his wife, children, grandchildren, his website design company and his art. It's a busy life. He paints mainly landscapes and seascapes using acrylics in a style he calls naive impressionism. For him, each canvas contains a unique instant of existence captured for the ages. From the first random brush strokes the composition emerges as though it was always there. Now, we will see if he can make a living at it.