Flush Right/Flush Left in MS Word Headers

Here’s a easy way to get two different objects to go flush right and flush left in MS Word.  I use it to set up headers and footers but it will really works anywhere in a Word document.

  1. Open up your header or footer and place your cursor between the text or objects you want to separate. The text or objects must be Left Aligned.  You are now on the Design ribbon, Header and Footer Tools tab.  Select the Home ribbon.
  2. On the Home ribbon, click the lower right had corner of Paragraph settings and a new box will appear. You should be on the Indents and Spacing tab.
  3. In the lower left had corner select Tabs.

how to go flush left and flush right in MS Word

4. A Tabs Box will appear. Select a Tab Stop Position.  It doesn’t matter which you choose as far as I can see.  I usually select 6.5”.

5. Make sure the Alignment is Right

6. Click set and OK and the Tabs box will close.

tab box in MS Word

7. Now make sure your cursor is still between the objects you want to separate and press Tab on your keyboard.  Your text or objects are now Flush Left and Flush Right. If this doesn’t work the first time you press Tab, do it again.  It should work.  If you have any problem we are available for questions via email.

Well that is it for making text and objects flush right and flush-left in-MS Word headers.  Below is a link to a video we did a few years ago that thoroughly examines managing headers and footers in Microsoft Word.  It's a real eyeopener that makes a seemingly complex and and frustrating subject very simple.  Find out the secrets to Word headers and footers.  I will give you a hint, it's all about page breaks.

flus left flush right in MS Word using Tabs

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