Designs for E-Learning

We Saved One Small Company over $100,000 per year

By automating their online training, testing and contracting, this company reaped huge savings. You too can be first in online training.

For sometime online training has revolutionized education. Digital training has automated training at all levels. We can provide a turn-key solution for your training program that requires little effort after development and can even generate income if that is your intent.

Online training the easy way.

There are many different e-Learning platforms for online training but until recently they have been incredibly complex or downright intimidating. Who wants to hear about SCORM and Tin Can API? Now there is an easier way. And not surprisingly it is WordPress-based. It revolves around a WordPress plugin called WP-Courseware which is a Learning Management System that doesn’t require a programmer to manage it – a teacher can do it and rightly so. This is e-learning as it should be, simple to operate and efficient in execution.

Give Us Your Content…

and we will build you an integrated online training experience that you can manage yourself. We’ll set up a user system that limits access to your training to registered users. This system can even be set up with different user roles or subscription levels that allow you to limit access to different training courses. Of course, it can also be set up to require completion or passing grades to progress through the various levels of your course. Certain types of testing allow for automated scoring but the types of supported questions are highly flexible and even allow your students to upload an essay for hand scoring. Your LMS panel allows you to manage the grading easily and efficiently.

The detail of this LMS system is amazing.

The students get appropriate email notifications and congratulations as they progress through your course. These emails are generated automatically by the system. The system can even be set up to generate a custom certificate of completion or diploma.