Original Art by Mike Worley

4 years ago our owner, Mike Worley started to paint again.  This was after briefly experimenting with it in his teens. At first it was and amusing hobby but the response of friends and acquaintances was so overwhelming it was … Read More

MS Word Directories

In this video you receive step by step instructions on how to add a table of contents and alphabetical index to a directory generated by the Microsoft Word Mail Merge function. Along the way, I will de-mystify auto marking an … Read More

Quote Generation Tool

This video demonstrates the Symboc Designs Online Quote Generation Tool as an example of how conditional logic can be used to automatically perform complex calculations and other information processes.

Combining and Splitting Columns in Excel

Combining and splitting columns in Excel is easy.  Its called Concatenation (joining) and Text to Columns (splitting a column into multiple columns).  I am forever getting spreadsheets with a person’s name split into 3 columns, First, Middle Initial and Last.  … Read More